The influences and pressures of being a woman can be overwhelming and consuming. A woman finds herself needing to talk to someone who's been there, done that, and survived; a sister in her community that she can go to when she needs someone to listen, understand, and point her to God.

Katie Wolfe knew the real results of being a teen girl in a mixed message world that leads to the questioning one's value, search of identity in wrong places, emptiness of insecurity, depression, regret, loneliness and had the battle scars as a woman to prove it. Not only did she know about it, she wanted to do something about it so the next generation of girls wouldn't have to go through the trial and turbulence of the world alone and could have someone who had been there and done that share how to navigate, survive & thrive in Christ. 15 years ago she rolled up her sleeves, shared her vision and God birthed Get REAL inC for girls and NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE WOMEN!
Keeping It Real inC will be a place for women to be supported, strengthened, and surrounded by sisters in Christ. It connects women with God loving women within a community who are willing to be transparent about their own trials and struggles, share their talents and successes, and be a trusted friend.
This will be a place where women can go for sisterhood that includes real talk, bible studies, stretching sessions, wellness workshops, Pinterest parties, & more.
Katie found the space in Avon, Indiana and now needs the support of others to secure it and open the door to the women in the Hendricks County community.
The basic needs for one year of rent, utilities, and insurance will be approximately $12,000.00. The building owner is willing to bend their typical lease term to a one year lease due to in his belief in this vision. This is not a you give money, you get stuff campaign. It's a you give & the community gets a place.

Your give goes to a fund through REAL REFLECTIONS llc and used for the
basic needs only.