SWEET POWER is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Apple, Pineapple, Baby Spinach, Baby Kale, Baby Chard, Lime, Ginger Root

Sweet Power is packed with 🥬 Power Greens: Baby Spinach, Baby Kale & Baby Chard Power Greens, but don’t take a drink expecting to be overwhelmed by green flavors, the reason the title of this juice starts with Sweet is because that's what you taste: the 🌴Tropical goodness of 🍍Pineapple 🍊Orange and 🍋Lemon or Lime (depending on the batch).

Because so many people love and ask for Ginger Root and so many people don’t like it, I’ve made a batch with it (G on the lid) & a batch without it (blank lid) and in the info label.